SFAAF Overview

The Stone Family Adoption Assistance Fund is a non-profit 501(c)(3) public charity dedicated to providing a financial resource to assist families through the adoption process.

The adoption process is expensive. Fees for performing a home study, pre-adoptive counseling, child identification, and post placement follow-up can easily exceed $25,000. In the case of independent or international adoptions there are additional expenses which can be substantial. The reality of these facts is that many loving parents and deserving children cannot be brought together due to costs that are out of reach. 

In search of funding, most adoptive parents use a combination of resources, however, after exhausting their own savings, gifts from family and taking out loans, they still find themselves with inadequate resources.

Our mission is to assist in filling this unmet need of adoptive parents for financial support. We do this by awarding grants to qualified adoptive parents that have demonstrated financial need. The grants range in various amounts up to $5,000 and are designed to be the final piece of the adoptive families funding.